Steam rollers, motor rollers and road making equipment

We welcome anyone interested in steam or motor rollers, their history or associated equipment

The Road Roller Association

Encouraging the preservation of steam rollers, motor rollers and road making equipment, the Road Roller Association (RRA) was formed in 1974 by a handful of dedicated enthusiasts.

To become a member of the RRA, you do not need to own a roller, we welcome anyone interested in Steam or Motor rollers, their history, or associated equipment.

Membership Benefits

  • Receive your copy of Rolling, the association’s quarterly newsletter
  • Join a network of like-minded members for technical advice and support or just to discuss our hobby
  • Access to archive information and history of rollers and road making
  • Only £16 for 12 months

2024 Annual General Meeting

The 2024 AGM will be held at the Great Central Railway at Quorn Station in Leicestershire on Saturday 13th April in the afternoon.Saturday will…


2022 Annual General Meeting

Unfortunately there were not enough members present for thw AGM and we were unable to form a quorum so it could not be held. There were only 12…


2022 AGM Weekend - by Zoom

As stated in he latest edition of Rolling, your committee has considered the wisdom of holding the AGM weekend and has decided that it would be…

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